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Early version of character will recieve more animations and overall polish.

Sprite size around 32x32

Currently contains 12 animations with more to come

  • Idle 18 frames
  • Run 24 frames
  • Light bow 9 frames
  • Jump rising 3 frames , transition to fall 7 frames, falling 3 frames landing 4 frames
  • Sliding 4 frames
  • Light attack combo 24 frames
  • Heavy attack combo 42 frames
  • Hurt-1  7 frames
  • Hurt -2  7 frames
  • Wall slide 4 frames 
  • Running turnaround 5 frames

Upcoming animations.

  • Death
  • Heay bow attack
  • Rolling
  • Wall grab
  • Air dash

  • Crouch


- You can use this asset for personal and commercial purpose. Credit is not required but would be appreciated. 

- Modify however you wish.

You cannot do:

- Resell/redistribute this asset.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(85 total ratings)
Tags2D, animated, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, Sprites


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Red hood free (zipped) Folder.zip 93 kB
run turnaround-Sheet.png 2 kB
wall slide-Sheet.png 1 kB
idle and alter.zip 33 kB

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Great job! I use this in my own 2D game demo, welcome to play!https://gx.games/games/hjgw4q/redhoodadventure/tracks/a90597ab-3d88-4e20-a125-b4...

Still working on it?

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Hi Legnops, I really like the details you went into and the number of frames per direction you decided to create! I was wondering were you considering to add options for up and down directions since I am interested in using your assets for creating top down RPG game based on this asset? :)

Hi, I modified and used this sprite in an example project for a bevy library I made which imports Aseprite sprite sheets for use with bevy game engine:

Thank you!! I've used this sprite in my game: https://pixienop.itch.io/game2

this is cool. yeah ok.

I changed my game information so I leave the game here it again.

I made a game with this asset. Thank you Legnops, its great.


it's really very cool, but it seems gravity is too strong. Or is that what it's meant to be?

thanks. yep its what meant to be.

I made a simple game...


just a little suggestion, the character animation when jumping looks strange when jumping to the right or left (jumping while changing position

Wow is this a 3dmodel baked into pixel art?

You did an amazing job with this!!

Love this

Hello, very beautiful spritesheet, but as a stupid programmer I wish pixel artists allways used a grid that's a multiple of 8, for us that would like to use it on an old console.

Maybe there is an easy way to change it in aseprite , but the only way I know how to do it is to try to find out what grid size was used, expand it to the nearest multiple of 8 and cut out each sprite and try to center them in their new expanded boxes, which I've had to do for every tileset I've downloaded so far. Even the ones that are 16x16 or 32x32 often don't use a grid and canvas size that's a multiple of 8 and I don't understand why?

Nevermind, I found out an easy way to change it in aseprite



lmk if you're still working on it! and would it be possible to get 4 direction?


Hello, you still working?


I have created this game with this asset, thank you very much.


Im making a game with this asset but its still in development https://ragejax.itch.io/red-riding-hood

hey man, are you still working on this or you just stopped to work on

Could you add ladder climb animations?


Hi, legnops. I would like to collab with u ;) I love your creation and I think it fits perfectly in my ongoing game that I've developed.  Msg back when you see this. Thanks


alg conseguiu colocar no game maker??

wow she looks like "le petit chaperon rouge"


could you add a summoning animation perhaps?

That is so good!

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this is so pretty i'm looking forward to the other animations (if you're still doing them) !

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I made a game with this asset. Thank you Legnops, its so good. 


it is so cool



I would be interested to know if you can do personalized work and how much would you charge for that

I do ;)

I'm grateful to author,but the sprites is not friendly to beginner.

There are something I need to process by myself.

Hi, I love your style. Are you still working on the other animations or is this project abandoned?

awesome character mate

alguien sabe cuantos pixeles de separacion tiene la animacion idle entre cada sprite?

Wow. That is insanely smooth animation, there.

i will use this for my game i will give credits for animation and art

cheers- cool penguin :

That's a great package, but the lack of aiming 45 deg up and down makes in unusable for me :S

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