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Early version of character will recieve more animations and overall polish.

Sprite size around 32x32

Currently contains 12 animations with more to come

  • Idle 18 frames
  • Run 24 frames
  • Light bow 9 frames
  • Jump rising 3 frames , transition to fall 7 frames, falling 3 frames landing 4 frames
  • Sliding 4 frames
  • Light attack combo 24 frames
  • Heavy attack combo 42 frames
  • Hurt-1  7 frames
  • Hurt -2  7 frames
  • Wall slide 4 frames 
  • Running turnaround 5 frames

Upcoming animations.

  • Death
  • Heay bow attack
  • Rolling
  • Wall grab
  • Air dash

  • Crouch


- You can use this asset for personal and commercial purpose. Credit is not required but would be appreciated. 

- Modify however you wish.

You cannot do:

- Resell/redistribute this asset.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(68 total ratings)
Tags2D, animated, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, Sprites


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Red hood free (zipped) Folder.zip 93 kB
run turnaround-Sheet.png 2 kB
wall slide-Sheet.png 1 kB
idle and alter.zip 33 kB

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I have created this game with this asset, thank you very much.


Im making a game with this asset but its still in development https://ragejax.itch.io/red-riding-hood

I made a game with this asset. Thank you Legnops, its so good. 


hey man, are you still working on this or you just stopped to work on

Could you add ladder climb animations?

Hi, legnops. I would like to collab with u ;) I love your creation and I think it fits perfectly in my ongoing game that I've developed.  Msg back when you see this. Thanks


alg conseguiu colocar no game maker??

wow she looks like "le petit chaperon rouge"


could you add a summoning animation perhaps?

That is so good!

(1 edit)

this is so pretty i'm looking forward to the other animations (if you're still doing them) !

(3 edits)

I made a game with this asset. Thank you Legnops, its so good. 


it is so cool



I would be interested to know if you can do personalized work and how much would you charge for that

I do ;)

I'm grateful to author,but the sprites is not friendly to beginner.

There are something I need to process by myself.

Hi, I love your style. Are you still working on the other animations or is this project abandoned?

awesome character mate

alguien sabe cuantos pixeles de separacion tiene la animacion idle entre cada sprite?

Wow. That is insanely smooth animation, there.

i will use this for my game i will give credits for animation and art

cheers- cool penguin :


I want to donate, do you have a Patron?

That's a great package, but the lack of aiming 45 deg up and down makes in unusable for me :S

(Unreal Engine)

For any of you having an issue with your images greatly losing quality and/or having a weird blurry border or weird colored edges when you first import them, delete the extracted sprites if you already extracted any, and shift-click all the imported images, right click and then choose "Sprite Actions > Apply Paper 2D Texture Settings" and boom, you fixed the problems.

Thanks I like it!!

Could you separate the animations, please?

There's an aseprite file included, so you can just separate them yourself into tags easily enough.


this looks so good

Hello, when will the death update be release?

i recently got myself into unreal engine and want to try creating characters myself. what software do you use for this?

i think he used Aseprite.

bro, where we can speak?, do you have a page ? facebook? 

this is amazing :) you not often see such smooth animates 2d assets :D really nice work

This is realllly good! Great work on this, looking forward to those mentioned updates.

Thank you so much this fits my game well! The game will be about you being stranded in the middle of nowhere and enemies come and attack you and you gotta survive a certain amount of nights.

Cara, parabens... Isso ta incrivel irei usar para testar minhas progamaçoes e ate fazer minha sprite. Se eu for postar algo usando essa sprite irei creditar... Seu trabalho ficou incrivel,parabens.

Heyy man i would really love an update with dash and death animations cause i tried to make them myself they are looking really bland and rough , i know you are making this awesome stuff for free but ... that would be helpful

Is there an easy way to import the animations into unity?

Thank you so much for sharing this!

This asset perfectly fits for my game and i will sure to credit you in my game i have a cool story and this perfectly fits :D

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